When Mausi was born the dogs  stayed with my sister-in-law for a week.  As we got used to being parents in that first week, Mausi would lie bundled on a blanket on our living room floor.  But as the week drew to a close and the dogs were set to come home, we started wondering how we were going to keep this little one safe from dogs running back and forth at top speed…

After the failed attempt of a hormone overloaded new mum trying to find a suitable playpen or some such structure, Mausi’s dad came to the rescue finding the perfect thing at a local outdoors store!  The Littlelife Arc 2 Travel Cot ~ a travel cot designed as a tent.  Perfectly large enough for running dogs to go around and not over, and safely keep a sleeping babe.

Designed in such a way to be a safe spot for our tiny infant and then to grow with her into a play spot, travel cot or snuggly place to nap outdoors.  Now at just over a year she has a place all her own in our living room.  Occasionally filled with stuffed toys, wooden blocks or scattered books…it can be a cave, a boat, a house, a room, a tent even (or so says mama), and it has the promise to be useful for at least a few more years.

As for ease of use, this little tent pops up in very little time, with two curving tent poles.  Tent pegs are also included for blustery days outdoors and the pad cover is easily removed for washing.  Furniture straps are also located at all four corners to secure the cot within a room.  A cloth travel bag is included as well, making the Arc 2 that much easier to tote around.

The Arc 2 has two openings, a top mesh roof which can conveniently tuck into roof pocket when opened, and one mesh side.  An additional sunshade can be purchased to provide a cooler shaded area when the tent is used outdoors.

The only possible downside is that the pad itself is a little thin, and so may be uncomfortable for long term sleeping.  However, as this is a travel cot and occasional nap spot, not a permanent sleeping space, that point is potentially moot.

Size (WxLxH): 85 x 133 x 72 cm
Weight: 2.5 kg
Style: Minimalist design with all the right features
Pros: Easy to set up; not a large footprint but plenty of space; convenient to carry; simple minimalist design with all the right things and no frills; tent -pegs and additionally available sunshade make it very useful outdoors; decent price
Cons: Sleeping mat is a little thin

On the whole we are really very pleased with this LittleLife Travel Cot!

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