I came across these wonderful little felt animals while browsing through Etsy some time ago, and thought they were just too great not to share!  Of course the tiny mouse caught my eye…

But the possum, sheep and ferret were  equally as sweet.

And these four don’t even begin to cover all of the little animals residing at Motley Mutton!

These charming little needle-felted critters are designed as necklaces, but I can think of a host of other uses…hanging on a wall or book case, perhaps tucked into a special pocket in a purse or bag, or sitting on a bedside table next to a stack of books.  Nancy Bevins, the skilled hands at Motley Mutton, has created a fabulous cast of characters…each with a very definite personality all their own.

Photos used with permission from Nancy at the Motley Mutton.

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2 Responses to Delightful Etsy Find :: Motley Mutton’s tiny felt animals

  1. Carrie Baartmans says:

    How do I purchase this adorable little mouse? It has been a tradition in my family to give my daughter a mouse ornament every Christmas. She is now 20 and our tree is covered with little mice. I try to find something unique each year and that is a challenge. I would love to have this adorable wool mouse and let it become a family keepsake. Please reply! Carrie

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