After hours spent scouring the internet for the perfect wooden toddler push-cart, I finally found one…

It had a wonderful natural oiled finish, wooden wheels with a rubber strip added for traction, a nifty break setting so that the wagon wouldn’t scoot away from new walkers, was handmade in a workshop in Germany and…wasn’t available in Canada.

I hunted around and found it at a shop in the States, but with duties and postage to Canada I thought it may be just as easy to contact the workshop directly.  They were thrilled to have an inquiry from Canada and would be happy to ship it directly to me.  But after quite a different set of fortunate events, I was able to get the cart in Canada at the Aurora Forest.

A joint birthday and Christmas present, the little cart has been great.  Perfect for Mausi as she was taking her first few steps with the break on; as the German title sums up, a fabulous ‘Lauflernwagen’.  And now, with wheels rolling smoothly, the cart promises to be myriad different things: a wagon to move blocks and books, a dim sum cart, a pram, a wheelbarrow and, for now, a wagon to sit in.  The perfect little wooden cart.

This push-cart is handcrafted by Norbert Verneuer in Germany.

August 24th, 2011 ~ ETA: I’ve received a question about the type of oil/wax used on the cart, and Norbert Verneuer has kindly sent me the manufacturer’s declaration for the oil used. The company certifies that all products manufactured are done so using organic and renewable raw materials, and that the manufacturing process is energy efficient and guards against harmful emissions, toxic residues and waste materials.

The oil used on this cart is a combination of: sunflower oil, natural oil ester (made by heating linseed stand oil with other vegetable oils and natural resins), lead-free dryers and isoaliphates  (a neutral thinner for easy application. Free of aromatic hydrocarbons and of a quality also commonly used in food processing and cosmetics).

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2 Responses to Mausi’s ‘Lauflernwagen’ ~ The perfect wooden cart

  1. Dillon says:

    Perhaps a drink cart?

  2. Megan says:

    any idea what the oil used is? I couldn’t find it on the websites listed. Thanks for the post!

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