A brand new blog…a place to read, a place to see, a place to share…an experiment in all things ‘blog’.

I was going to write something profound, but as it turns out it’s better in theory than in practice.  So instead I will introduce myself…

  • I read.
  • I write.
  • I knit.
  • I sew (sort of).
  • I’m married to a fabulous man.
  • We have our lives run by a chow chow who acts rather like a 60lb cat and an English cocker spaniel who is most definitely not a cat.
  • I’m a PhD candidate in ecology…still.
  • I am a mum. A mum to our little one; whose laughter makes my day, and with whom I play and sing and dance!  My little Maus.

And really it is she that sparked the blog.  I’ve spent so much time scouring the web figuring out exactly what we want or need for her, that I thought I would share my finds with others.  Interspersed with day to day fun of course.  I hope you will check back as I figure out the ‘blog’ thing!



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