This is a daycare day for Mausi and therefore a “work on the thesis” day for mama.  So I set to work bright and early after dropping Mausi off.  After a morning spent working on chapter 2 (chapter 1 also still in pieces…) I decided that it was time for a much needed walk with the dogs to the park.

Mausi’s papa gave me this very neat Audubon bird call for Christmas, and I thought it a great day to bring it out.  I bundled myself up, put the dog boots on the spaniel, lashed the chow to my waist, and the 3 of us headed out the door.

After navigating drifts of superfluous salt on the sidewalk and salty grey slush on the roads, we made it to the park.  On such a frosty afternoon there was hardly a soul in sight and as it would turn out, not a bird either! Not too surprising I suppose with the wind chill bringing the temperature down nearing -20°C ~ perhaps not such a perfect day after all.  But a lovely frosty walk with the dogs none-the-less.  I think we’ll try Audubon out on a slightly warmer day!

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