A tale of two carriers ~ and the ultimate ERGO choice

ERGObaby carrier

The tale of two dueling carriers, the Beco and the ERGObaby carrier, began before the birth of my daughter.  I knew I wanted to wear her for as long as possible, and did as much research on that topic as I could.  After trying on both the Beco and ERGO, while pregnant (possibly not the best time to test out carriers), I made the decision to buy the Beco.  At that time if felt better on, and I admit, I may have been swayed by pretty patterns.

We bought the Beco 3 weeks after Mausi was born, and because of the very well designed Beco infant insert we were able to use it right away.  We tucked her feet in beneath the infant insert, and above the waist band, and she sat comfortably froggied within the carrier.  The Beco is designed in such a way that one is able to put the infant in the carrier first, and then put the carrier on.   It worked well for us, we could move the carrier between us without taking Mausi out and made putting her on my back at about 5 months much easier initially.  This design does however result in an extra piece of material between the baby and mum or dad.

Beco Butterfly 2 with ERGO suck pads

We liked the Beco well enough.  Mausi’s daddy often wore her this way, and the Beco came on trips around town, walks with the dogs and a family trip to the west coast.  But it was never the first carrier I would reach for.

And after extended use there were a couple of things that I found inconvenient enough to make me start to think about other carrier options (other than my well-loved ring sling and woven wrap), and led to my eventually switch to the ERGO.  The main issues I encountered with the Beco were:

  • Nursing on the go ~ Nursing while wearing the Beco is not impossible, but not nearly as convenient as with the ERGO.  To nurse while wearing the Beco I needed to sit, loosen the straps a little and move the fabric panel between us.  Nursing in the ERGO is far easier, and doesn’t require me to sit.
  • No covering on the webbing straps holding the outer panel to the shoulder straps ~ Mausi would fall asleep against the strap and wake with a red line across the side of her face.  Or she would chew on it.  I have noticed that since we had our Beco carrier, the company has created suck pads to go on those straps, but we needed to buy the ERGO ones to use with ours.
  • Hood support ~ The Beco hood is decent, but there were several times that Mausi’s head would slip out of the side of the hood and loll backwards…very inconvenient while she was sleeping on my back.  The ERGO hood cups the babe’s head far better.
  • No pocket ~ Not really a major point, but the ERGO has an incredibly useful pocket…for keys, money, a cloth wipe or a couple of dog bags.  The Beco doesn’t have a pocket.
  • Awkwardness in taking a sleeping babe off ~ As Mausi got older and I would occasionally need to walk her to sleep for her naps, it was far more of a hassle getting her out of the Beco.  I would have to take the whole carrier off, and she would end up spending half her nap in the carrier on the bed.  With the ERGO I was able to transfer her quickly from the carrier to the bed, and in the end, this is probably what made my decision. (The difficulty in getting a sleeping babe on with the Beco should also be noted.)

The ERGO takes care of all of these points.  Nursing on the fly is no longer a problem, her face doesn’t get strap marks, her head is supported, I have a pocket to carry random things, and I can easily slip her out of the carrier and into bed, or get her from her car seat while she’s sleeping into the carrier.  The minor awkwardness of getting Mausi on my back with this carrier faded quickly with practice.

In short, the Beco is a great carrier, and for those not wearing their babies everyday, or not routinely walking their babies to sleep, it could be just right.  As far as fit and support neither my husband not I had any problems or complaints.  The Beco is well-made, very functional, and let’s face it, pretty.  But just not for us.

The ERGObaby carrier on the other hand…


…although a bit more plain in appearance (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing…I no longer worry about getting it too dirty on walks), is for us using it almost everyday, the better choice.

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