Mein erstes buntes Bildwörterbuch ‘Im Wald’ by Julia Hofmann with illustrations by Christine Henkel is a great German word book with forest creatures both large and small.  This 10 page board book is comprised of 5 pages where individual animals and plants are pictured with their names, and 5 opposing pages where the animals and plants are drawn together into busy, colourful forest scenes perfect for storytelling.

The book begins with a typical northern European forest scene, including a hedgehog, badger, wild boar and red squirrel, but what is interesting is that the third scene could be a typical North American forest scene, with a beaver, raccoon, rainbow trout and otter.

On each side with the individual animals there are also 3 flaps which, when opened, reveal an animal to be doing something else.  Open the flap on a digging boar to find the same boar with a carrot in his mouth, and a tiny caterpillar on a broad green leaf turns into a big caterpillar on a mostly eaten leaf.

Not only a great book to help curious children learn about forest animals, but also useful for parents whose native tongue may not be German.

I would recommend that this book is for children from at least 18 months, as the flaps are relatively delicate and may not fair well with rough fingers or those children still in the ripping paper stage of life!

Title: Mein erstes buntes Bildwörterbuch ‘Im Wald’
Author: Julia Hofman with illustrations by Christine Henkel
Pages: 10
Ages: 18 months and up
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