For the first official Canadian Artisan Feature I bring you Eve’s Little Earthlings (the lovely Wood Garden is also Canadian, though I hadn’t decided on the ‘feature’ part at that time yet…).  Located in Guelph, Ontario, Eve originally trained as a potter and worked as such for a number of years.  She started making simple wool toys for her own children to play with and  over time Eve’s Little Earthlings evolved!  And we’re glad they did!

I asked Eve a couple of questions…

Little Wool Maus: Where do you find your greatest inspirations?

Eve: I am inspired daily when I look at all the wonderful handmade things I see on etsy.  I am very excited when someone likes my little contributions to all this awesome creativity. I walk my dog every day and the ever changing landscape and trees helps me to think about what I would like to create.

Little Wool Maus: Do you have a favourite creation?

Eve: My favourite creation is always my last, which right now is the panda bear.  BUT I think my sweetest item is the chipmunk.  I had a couple living right outside my window this summer and they are the most darling creatures.

Little Wool Maus: How do you stay warm on these cold, snowy, winter days? (I asked this on the coldest day of the year thus far…)

Eve: I am staying nice and warm because I got some fantastic merino long underwear for Christmas. It is sooo soft and thin and warm!  I add extra warmth to my ankles by cutting about six inches off the sleeves of old sweaters (cashmere is the best) and wearing them like ankle warmers.  I have a lot choice, my sweater stash is absolutely huge these days as everything I make is cut from repurposed wool sweaters.

Each little creature created by Eve from wool sweaters, with their faces hand embroidered and personalities shining through, would make lovely additions to a child’s collection of little stuffed toys.

And for hard-working mums and dads she’s got something as well…

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