We have a thing about books in our household.  We have more books than we have shelves.  We’re working on Mäuschen’s collection as well; thankfully the library is quite close and we are able to have a large rotating selection of board books, needing only to house them temporarily.

But German books are harder to come by, especially German board books.  Couple my particular tastes, with the difficulty of buying picture books online (without being able to see them, and hold them in my hands first), and buying Mausi a few books becomes a multi-day event.  I am happy thus far.  She has 3 on the shelf, 1 in a drawer for when she no longer tries to eat them, and 4 more on the way.

This one I am particularly fond of.  In simple rhyme it gives excerpts  of a gnome’s day from a lunch of ripe strawberries, to conversations with a rabbit and dancing in the twilight.  The water-colour pencil illustrations are beautifully done and both pictures and verse lend themselves to being read time and again.

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