Beautiful wooden toys finished to a warm gleam with a natural beeswax polish…

I was completely smitten with this collection of three woodland animals offered by the Canadian woodworking team of Chris and Laura at The Wood Garden.  No paints or stains are used on their toys; each one finished only in The Wood Garden’s  own natural beeswax polish, resulting in the wood’s natural colour being beautifully brought out.

Their collection also includes this sweet pull-along bunny that due to the offset back wheels actually ‘hops’ along.  Also included is a great set of wooden dishes, and a gorgeous selection of rattles that I think would be just as fun as rhythm instruments for older children as they are as rattles for babes.

Stacking rings, an aeroplane, monster trucks, teething rings, racecars and a pull-along hopping grasshopper are some of the other wonderful toys over at The Wood Garden.

Well-made wooden toys not only thrill little children who give them life in their imaginations, but are also lovely simple toys to have around the home.

Photos used with permission from Laura at The Wood Garden.

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2 Responses to Polished Etsy Find :: The wonderful toys of The Wood Garden

  1. Kimberly says:

    Wow, wow, wow! Such beautiful, lovely wooden toys. I especially love the little wooden bowls. Thank you for sharing!

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