It is with pleasure that I introduce Cate & Levi, a fabulous collection of stuffed animals, hand-puppets, pillows and accessories for kids.

Josh Title, the creative mind behind Cate & Levi, started thinking about environmentally-friendly alternatives after the birth of his first son.  Noticing a lack of unique, beautifully-made, eco-conscious toys, he set about creating his own line of toys.   Hand-made by artisans in Toronto, each of the toys in the Cate & Levi collection is made from of 100% wool; the brightly coloured outers are made from reclaimed wool sweaters, and when stuffing is used, it is new undyed wool stuffing.  Aiming to leave as small an ecological footprint as is feasible, all materials are sourced as close to his workshop as possible.

Peek-a-boo dog puppet, sheep pillow pal and moose hand-puppet

I asked Josh a couple of questions…(this is a man who has toys to make, and no time mess about!) ~

Little Wool Maus: What is your greatest inspiration when designing toys?

Josh: My 2 boys, Levi & Harry.

Little Wool Maus: Is there an animal just begging to be recreated as a stuffed toy that hasn’t quite made it yet?

Josh: Horse – Martha Stewart asked me…

Little Wool Maus: What’s next for Cate & Levi?

Josh: Mittens and hats.

Little Wool Maus: What is your favourite outdoor activity on these white, snowy days?

Josh: Tobogganing with my family.

Cat & dog zoo cubes and hippo wall art

Josh has certainly done exactly what he set out to do.  His toys are not only beautiful and carefully made from reclaimed materials, but each one is also completely unique!

With each passing season something new is added to the line-up.  When I first came across the Cate & Levi collection it consisted primarily of stuffed animals, puppets and zoo cubes.  Now I’m thrilled to see pillow pals, organic clothing with wool appliqué animals and other accessories, and I’ll be very excited to see the new hats and mittens when they come out!

10% of the profits are also donated to charities helping children in need.

Well done Cate & Levi!

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