Making clothes for Mausi is not only wonderfully rewarding, it is also awesomely practical.  Especially with a cloth bum to cover!  I could spend hours looking at patterns and lovely fabrics.  But every now and then time just isn’t available, and wouldn’t it be great if someone had done all the work and found the perfect fabric, pattern and  notions for you?  They have!  I came across clothkits while browsing around a local shop the other day, and was immediately drawn to them.

British company, clothkits, has a delightful suite of dresses  and hats for little girls, as well as trousers, overalls, tops and quilted jackets for boys and girls.  The patterns for each kit are printed directly onto the fabric and each kit comes equipped with all of the things needed for the finished piece.  No searching for matching thread or just the right buttons required!

They have some pretty funky kits for mama too…

Striving to keep things as close to home as possible, the kits are designed by a collection of talented British designers and the fabrics are also printed in England.  Originally founded in 1968 and relaunched in 2008 with Kay Mawer (and her girls as muses and models) at the helm, clothkits has been a friend to busy British mums for quite some time.

Clothkits patterns are available at a number of retailers in the UK, but as far as I am aware, they are only available at one place in Canada (bon mot in Waterloo, Ontario), one in the US (Lottie Da in Columbus, Ohio) and a select few other places around the globe.  But if you don’t happen to be in any of these places, don’t fret, clothkits ship worldwide!

Photos used with permission from Kay at clothkits.

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