Mausi (8 months) and Mummy ~ Oregon coast, Summer 2010

About a week or so after Mäuschen was born we headed out to our first check-up at the midwives’ practice rather than having them come to us again.  We were lucky in being close enough to walk, and the weather was still mild enough that after bundling up our tiny babe we felt comfortable heading out.

Papa stood proudly in the living-room as I adjusted the sling on him and we tucked in our wee swaddled Mausi.  She slept the entire way there, but that visit and the three after it were the only times Mausi would tolerate lying horizontally in the cradle hold!  Since about week 6 of her life Mausi much preferred being upright in the sling.  First with her little legs and arms tucked in and just the top of her head showing.   Then her legs out, then facing forward with her knees up to her chest, and now at 15 months she prefers to sit on my hip.

This ring sling of ours, handmade by the wonderful Canadian mama behind Sewfunky, has taken us to the shops, walks to the park, safely through the the ‘big city’, through an airport, and along a blustery west coast beach.  Mausi has slept, been danced with, visited museums & parks, and nursed all in the comfort of this sling.

We have several carriers, and love them all for different reasons.  I’ve written about our Ergo, but we also have the (now tucked away) Sleepy Wrap as well as a longer woven wrap that comes out now and again.  But the one carrier that I always reach for, the one that’s fastest in and out of the car and fits over everything (including Mausi’s snowsuit and mama’s down jacket), is our beloved ring sling.

Things I’ve found useful when wearing Mausi in our un-padded ring sling:

  • Adjust it most of the way before putting your babe in ~ less to adjust afterwards
  • Adjust it so that the rings are not sitting on your shoulder/collar bones, but are not so far down as to be on the babe either ~ depending on how much slack you’ve left before putting the babe in, you can start with the rings on your shoulder and the will move down as you tighten the sling (this comes with practice!)
  • Make sure the sling isn’t twisted across your back
  • You can tighten the rails (edges of the sling) independently to get the best fit
  • Keep practicing ~ it so very much worth it!

Mausi at 10 weeks

Mausi (8 months) and Mum ~ Oregon coast, Summer 2010

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