As the snow flakes fly outside of my window and the world is getting covered in a fresh blanket of white, I am thankful for Mausi’s warm winter woollies from Ruskovilla.  Ruskovilla, a Finnish manufacturer, of wool under clothes is one of just a few great European companies producing wonderful garments from organic wool, silk, and organic cotton.  I’d be thrilled to find a comparable company in North America, but as yet have had no luck.

Although an investment to buy new, we were lucky to find a couple of pieces used but in nearly new condition, and Mausi’s collection now includes the long wool nappy pants, a long-sleeved wool undershirt, a red ‘little bear’ one piece and a natural wool balaclava.

Long nappy pants ~ Made from 100% organic merino wool, these longies are awesome!  Not a bomb-proof overnight solution, but a great day-time longie.  I also quite often will put another wool cover underneath and then use these nappy pants as a ‘long-john’ on really cold days.  My only complaint, although a small one, is the natural colour.  While I do really like the natural look, Mausi + light coloured pants is just a combination looking for trouble!  It’s not so bad now that she is walking, but we had beautiful longies with slightly grubby knees while she was still crawling.

Long-sleeved wool undershirt ~ Also made from 100% organic merino wool, this undershirt keeps Mausi toasty whatever the weather.  We currently have a size 80, which she has worn since about 11.5 months, and wears comfortably now at 15 months.

Little-bear suit ~ This was one of the pieces that we were lucky enough to find second-hand.  Made from 100% organic merino wool this red one-piece is a very useful layering piece for warmth and Mausi has also worn it once or twice to sleep on days our bedroom seemed a little cooler (living in an open concept loft apartment we aren’t able to adjust the temperatures in individual ‘rooms’ and consequently our bedroom is fairly warm).  Mausi sleeps between us, but rarely under covers.  The only drawback for this suit being used in cooler bedrooms for little ones who kick off covers is that this suit is footless, so socks may need to be added.  The other drawback, although not a problem on ours is that there is now “zipper-garage” or cover at the very top, so  the zipper end may be a little scratchy.  Although I have only heard that last complaint once.

Wool balaclava ~ This is by far our most used Ruskovilla woollen…Mausi wears it EVERY day!  Under hoods and other hats, and just on its own on days that are not so cold.  Also made from the same finely knit 100% organic merino wool this thin hood is wonderfully soft and warm.  It has a longer flared neck that reaches down to sit on her shoulders and ensure that no drafts get close to her skin.  A super layering piece!

None of these require frequent washing, but I have hand-washed each of these in Eucalan, and they’ve all washed well.  Both the nappy pants and the balaclava that we bought new soften up considerably with washing.  Some may find the need for hand-washing or perhaps a delicate wool-cycle on a front-loading machine a drawback, but I find that all of these pieces are fuss-free, and the occasional hand-wash is not a problem.  Ruskovilla does supply comprehensive care instructions for all of their pieces.

We’ve been very happy with our woollies thus far.  Next year perhaps I’ll get myself something as well, and I think Mausi’s papa would look smashing in some wool long-johns too…it’s just a matter of convincing him!

The pieces we bought new we got here.

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