It’s that time of winter when everything just seems grey or brown.  Seemingly lifeless bare branches reach up into a grey sky and the snow covered ground, though beautiful when fresh and white, is now a gritty brown along the sidewalks and roads.

We’ve been teased these last couple of days by mlder weather and the promise of spring, although I think that spring itself is still a few weeks off.  And so to stave off winter blahs I tried my hand at a rainbow kite paper star for our window.  It wasn’t until I thought about hanging it up that I remembered condo rules and so hung it in our Ficus instead!

The sun shining through the star really makes the colours glow ~ even more so it seems next to the simple colour palette outside of the window.  So with a bit of colour brought back in, I think we can celebrate the last few weeks of winter and be content to know that spring can’t be that far off!

My kite paper I bought at the Aurora Forest, though it is available online in several places, and I found a wonderful tutorial for the basic star at Garden Mama.

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  1. What a beautiful star – I might need to put that idea away to brighten up the place come winter.

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