The Plan Toys ‘Walk N Roll’ wooden push toy is the perfect alternative to the classic plastic ‘popper’ ~

I was drawn at first to the bright colours of the Plan Toys Walk N Roll that were clearly stained onto the wood rather than painted on.  After having to lay aside a previous painted wooden toy due to Mausi scraping off the paint when her first teeth came through, we have tended to pick up only those toys where colour was a non-toxic stain rather than paint.  It looked to me to be a wonderful toddler’s toy, but at the time of my first coming across it Mausi was just a few months old, the package did state from 19 months onward, and the price was a wee bit high for such a simple toy.

How quickly things change…when Mausi started at her part-time daycare in January, among the toys she adored most were the classic popper and another rattling push toy.  So I thought I had better revisit the Walk N Roll that I had seen several months before.

Plan Toys uses only kiln-dried rubberwood harvested from no longer producing trees, non-toxic water based dyes, and all toys meet both international and European safety standards.  The Walk N Roll itself is about 22.5″ long, and as such is a good size to grow with Mausi for a couple of years at least.  It is also light enough for her to pick up.    The Walk N Roll very much resembles and old-fashioned manual lawnmower with a straight handle leading down to a rolling cylinder.  Three wooden balls bounce and roll around inside as the toy is pushed or pulled along.  If it were up to me, the Walk N Roll could be a lawnmower or a vacuum cleaner on any given day, but I suspect that Mausi will come up with more things for it to be than just those.

Pros: Sustainably harvested rubberwood; non-toxic dyes that don’t scrape off; simple style that appeals to kids and parents

Cons: A bit pricey

The Walk N Roll was an instant hit and Mausi has enjoyed pulling it along.  And to be quite honest, I quite like the look of it, so I don’t mind it leaning against the bookshelf when she isn’t playing with it.   Well worth it!

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  1. Heather says:

    Have been enjoying your blog, and all the wonderful products. 🙂
    I love Plan toys in general, but they are a bit pricey.

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