“Busi” sagte Henriette by Edith Zeller is a wonderful children’s picture book about breastfeeding. Fabian, a 7 year old boy, tells the story of his little sister, Henriette. He describes how his mum initially wore Henriette in a sling as a newborn, so that she could gently get used to the world and he tells how his mother breastfeeds her. He goes on to say how convenient breastfeeding is, as all his mother needs to do is pull up her sweater!

“…wenn Henriette aufwachte oder weinte, brauchte Mami bloß den Pulli hoch zu schieben und ihr eine Brust in den kleinen Mund zu geben un schon ging das Geschmatze los!”

Although co-sleeping isn’t explicitly mentioned in the book, Fabian does tell how Henriette seems to always be nursing as he goes to sleep next to his mum and she is still nursing when he wakes up with his daddy.  There’s a lovely illustration of a family bed.

Towards the end of the book Henriette is still nursing as a toddler, but Fabian is sure she’ll stop at some point, as afterall, he did and she seems to copy him in everything he does!

“Busi” sagte Henriette describes the early stages of childhood, from the initial home-coming to breastfeeding, being worn in a sling and wrap, growth spurts, night nursing, the introduction of solid foods, nursing during sickness and finally nursing as a toddler…told from the view-point of an older brother who thinks it’s all pretty cool.

This is a great book for children of families where breastfeeding, babywearing and/or co-sleeping are natural parts of everyday life.  Too few books mention these things even in passing, and this book does a wonderful job of seamlessly incorporating them into the story.

“Busi” sagte Henriette would also be a fabulous book to read with an older child expecting a younger sibling!

Title: “Busi” sagte Henrietta
Author: Edith Zeller
Pages: 34
Format: Hard-cover, paper pages
Ages: 4 and up (although would be great for younger children soon to be older siblings ~ the story could be simplified and the pictures still enjoyed)
Extras: Although not something I generally weigh books on, this is a great book to add to an ‘attachment parenting’ library. Concepts touched-on include: babywearing, breastfeeding, nursing toddlers and co-sleeping.

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  1. I work in the children’s section of a library in the US, so I know that there aren’t a lot of children’s books that address nursing–or even simply present it matter-of-factly in illustrations while telling an unrelated story. I wonder how different this phenomenon is in children’s books in other languages? Great to see this one.

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