Yes, that’s right, that’s exactly what this is!

I’ve always said that cockroaches were the one creepy crawlie I really didn’t like.  So much so, that I’m embarrassed to admit that I found it difficult to even give the creature the respect it is due…afterall it has survived countless millenia and is one of the most successful insects. It’s a shame really, and can likely be traced back to some unfortunate bathroom-dwelling cockroach encounters in Thailand. Perhaps my feelings could have been mitigated earlier on had I encountered a silk cockroach! All, however, is not lost, and in an effort not to impart my insect predjudices (and really, those predjudices are few) onto Mausi I will file this awesome silk cockroach away to be made at some point in the not too distant future.

This particular cockroach was made by the very talented Novita of very purple person and she has included the tutorial here. Very cool indeed.

Photo used with permission from Novita of very purple person.

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