The vernal equinox has come and gone and spring is officially here. Somewhere along the line a memo got lost and we woke up, on this 3rd day of spring, to another several inches of fresh snow on the ground, and more falling. And I saw snow drops blooming just yesterday!

Undeterred, we’ve been willing spring to arrive in our household. We’ve been enjoying the wonderful watercolour pictures in Eva-Maria  Ott-Heidmann’s ‘Frühling‘.

These images seem to ring so true to our world at the moment!  Beginning with the partially snow covered early spring, and delicate snow drops blooming, and moving on to a tulip-filled Easter time (although looking at the white-blanketed world and grey sky today, it’s hard to imagine tulips…).

The pictures are lovely, with lots of things happening in each. There are no words within the book, so Frühling makes a perfect companion for making up spring stories.

Keeping with the spring theme we’ve also been listening to Elizabeth Mitchell‘s ‘You are my Little Bird’. With song like Pom Na Tu Ri (Springtime Outing) and Winter’s Come and Gone we’re looking forward to the time we can really say goodbye to the snow for a while…and that has to be any day now!

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