Now at a little over 16 months, Mausi seems to really be taking off with talking, and some of the words are even starting to become intelligible! What a fabulously exciting time now that she is starting to communicate with words as well as signs. As we continue on in our quest to raise our Mäuschen bilingually, and she is getting plenty of time with both English and German, in which language are her first few words…?

To date her words, or what we interpret as her words are:

“Papa” ~ Sounds relatively like Papa.  We’ll go with German on this one.
“Ba-ba”~ “Badger”, her favourite of the two dogs.  Sounds a lot like “Papa”…
“baby” ~ Not sure where she got this one.  Perhaps at daycare? Could be both languages.
“nein” ~ No. German
“no” ~ Not what you think it means…said in reference to her favourite red snowsuit…so I think it means “snow…suit”. English
“pe-pe” ~ Could mean, pee-pee, diaper or potty…toilet related, and I’m not sure what language. Could be both.

“up” ~ We’ve not heard this, but I gather she uses it at daycare. English

She seems to be picking up words in both languages. And I suppose that at this point they are still interchangeable to her.

She understands quite a bit in both English and German, and I am still speaking German almost exclusively to her, both in and out of the house. Although I will also read her books in English (and sometimes make up German stories to go with the English book pictures…). Her Papa speaks to her in English with the occasional German word, and her part-time daycare is in English.

Seeing these words now flowing out of her (and it has really only been in the last week or so) has strengthened my resolve to keep up with the German! To make things a little easier I picked up a little pocket German-English/English-German dictionary that I can keep in my purse.  Now when we are out, I can look up those little words that have slipped my mind.

If any of you have little ones learning two languages, how did their first words come out?

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