Sixteen months of dedicated babywearing and we finally thought that perhaps, for some excursions, it may be time to think about a stroller.  That’s not entirely true…I started thinking about one 2 months ago, but it wasn’t until this past week that I located the exact one we wanted on kijiji.

Don’t mistake me, I absolutely adore wearing Mausi.  We love our different carriers, and we’re certainly not laying them aside! But with her nearing 21 lbs I just found I wasn’t walking nearly as far as I used to, and I thought that for longer walks a stroller might be the way to go  (although we still fully intend to get a hiking carrier for longer dog walks).

I thought about what exactly it was that I needed from a stroller, and made a list:

  • Pneumatic tyres ~ I needed a stroller to make it along  gravel paths (and grass fields?) as well as it would roll down city sidewalks, and seeing as we are still in Canada, I needed it to handle snow.
  • Compact size ~ We drive a small car (Honda Fit) and I needed a stroller to comfortably fit inside the car.  I also wanted a stroller that was travel-friendly should we ever need to take one with us.
  • Simple ~ I wanted something sleek and simple without the extra bells and whistles that I likely wouldn’t use.  I didn’t need a travel system, I didn’t need a snack tray nor did I need a great deal of storage space (although a small basket was desirable).
  • Well-made ~ I only wanted to buy one stroller, and so I was prepared to pay a little more for one I felt was well-made and would last.

After making the list and spending a chunk of time first ‘googling’ and then seeing some in person, I had narrowed the selection down to a few.  Of these any would have been fine, but I decided that the Mountain Buggy ‘Swift’ was likely the best candidate.  It had the narrowest wheel base of any I had come across, and appeared more as a hybrid between an umbrella stroller (with far better seat support and air tyres) and a 3-wheeled all terrain/jogging stroller (but much more compact)!  I wasn’t hugely enthusiastic about the pricetag however, and so I started keeping a watch for used buggies.  I was finally rewarded this past week, and to say that the Swift was an immediate hit would be a gross understatement! The first thing Mausi wants to do in the mornings is get into her snowsuit and then get into her buggy, and getting her out can be a challenge!

I suspect that it may be because she was 16 months before she first rode in a stroller, and so it is rather like a game and affords her a completely different view point.  Regardless of the reason, Mausi loves it, I am happy, even Mausi’s papa has had a go taking Mausi out, and I see a continuation of lovely long walks in our future!

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