Mausi’s papa and I enjoyed a wonderful evening together this past Saturday.  After spending the afternoon in the ‘big city’ with Mausi, we dropped her off with a couple of friends (thanks again Uncle J and E) and headed off to the gorgeously constructed Koerner Hall at the Royal Conservatory of Music to see the King’s Singers.

They have long been on my list of groups to see, and when in January I saw that they were coming to within driving distance I was delighted.  The concert was wonderful!  We were sitting in the first balcony just to the right of the stage and although we were looking at the 6 King’s Singers from the side, I felt that they were great seats.  Although in all honesty, with the way Koerner Hall is constructed, I don’t think that there is a poor seat in the hall.

An acapella group consisting of 2 counter-tenors, a tenor, 2 baritones and 1 bass, the King’s Singers have a repertoire that spans from 17th Century madrigals to the Beatles and modern commissioned pieces. Although I enjoy all of what they do, it is the madrigals in particular that I love so much, and it is with great delight that I have noticed Mausi enjoying them too!  A couple of our favourite madrigals from one of their CDs, Madrigal History Tour, are ‘Lirum Bililirum’ and ‘Il est bel et bon’.

The King’s Singers also have a delightful children’s CD, Kids’ Stuff, with between-song narration by Dame Judy Dench.  This collection is definitely among those wonderful children’s CDs that are as much enjoyed by adults as they are by little ones!  With classic favourites like the “Teddy Bears’ Picnic” and “I Know and Old Woman” and others less well known such as “Walking in the Air” and a sung version of the “Owl and the Pussycat”.

We look forward t seeing the King’s Singers again someday, and perhaps a few years from now we will be able to bring Mausi along as well!

Is there a CD that you find as wonderful to listen to as your little one does?  It doesn’t even need to be a children’s CD…

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  1. Ingvar says:

    Hi Belinda
    I happend to come across your blog when I made a search for Kings Singers to see if they will be coming to Toronto – a week to late I guess.
    My wife and I have just spent a delightful hour and a half watching a video by them on Key Kings Singers in the search field and you will find it – enjoy – it is fantastic.

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