As we near the end of April I thought it high time to once again put a wonderful Canadian Artisan in the Wool Maus’s spotlight.  This time I am thrilled to present Patouche.

Made in Toronto, Patouche was born when former designer and scenic artist, Kessa Laxton, started making fun, easy-to-wear and branding-free clothing for her two children. Kessa keeps things natural with mostly cotton, linen, some bamboo and Canadian-milled wool blend fabrics and she keeps things close to home with production being centred in Toronto.

One of the wonderful things about her clothing is that several pieces are designed in such a way as to appeal to both boys and girls (pirate pants) and other pieces are designed to grow with children.  The smock top is a perfect example of the latter. Mausi received a smock top last May when she was 7 months old.  She was able to wear it last summer, will wear it this summer as a dress, and easily be able to wear it next sumer (and the one after?) as a top!

The fall and winter clothing from Patouche is just as darling! There is a brilliant wool bonnet with ears that Mausi has enjoyed all winter and can be seen here.  The wool slippers (a first Christmas gift from Mausi’s Aunt K) were enjoyed during Mausi’s first winter and spring, even into early summer. The cape is one we have been coveting…

Photos used with permission from Kessa at Patouche.

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