If you are as on top of things as I am, you’ll have looked at the calendar in the last few days and will have realized that Easter is this week-end!  How did that happen? So, with the holiday nearly upon us, here are 5 great last-minute ideas for a natural Easter basket…

1. Wool eggs

These wool eggs are beautifully hand-made by Katie at The Wool Food Market, and are perfect for stuffing and then placing in an Easter basket.  Pop in a silk scarf, little wool creature, jellybeans, or even a few wrapped Easter chocolates.

2. Modelling clay

This particular modelling clay is Mama K’s Aromatic Play Clay and is 100% natural! In lovely scents of lavender, sweet orange, bergamot, lemongrass, geranium, cardamom and chamomile, this play clay would be a great way to spend a relaxing Easter Sunday! For those of you wanting to make some home-made play dough, there is a great tutorial here.

3. Wooden toys

This rabbit is for Mausi this Easter.  It is an Engelberger figure, and part of his Easter decoration group, rather than one of the forest animals.  As such, this rabbit is a little bigger than the others at 7.5cm tall. Easier for little hands I thought.

4. Easter books

Jan Brett’s The Easter Egg is a wonderful story where rabbits each create their own beautiful Easter eggs in the medium of their choice. Each of Jan Brett’s books is so richly illustrated that one could spend hours going through the book over and over again, each time discovering something new. This would make a lovely addition to any child’s Easter basket.

5. Playsilk

To put it all together why not use a playsilk at the bottom of the basket? Not only can a green silk serve as grass year after year, but it is such a marvelous toy the rest of the time as well! Both Mausi’s rabbit and greeny-yellow playsilk were bought from the wonderful mama who owns The Aurora Forest toy shop.

Whatever your Easter baskets contain, have a wonderfully happy Easter!

Photos of the wool eggs and play clay were used with permission of the skillful mamas that made them.

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2 Responses to Last-Minute Ideas for a Natural Easter Basket

  1. nimira says:

    Hi Belinda,

    Hurray!! I did it! The blog spot is fantastic!

    Thank you for adding Tadpole as your friend, I really appreciate that.
    This is awesome, love your great ideas and pictures.

    Talk soon


  2. Katie says:

    Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I love Jan Brett. I, too, have lost time (delightfully so) drifting through the illustrations.

    Thank you.

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