I can hardly believe little Mausi is already 18 months old! I seems like just yesterday that we were just getting to know one another…

She really seems to be coming out with something new language-wise every few days!  Most of the words are in English, some could be understood in either language, some are most definitely German, and some are still only signs.  She has recently learned how to sign “please”, although I don’t yet think she fully understands the word.

So without further preamble, here are the words that have been added to her vocabulary since the last post on words.


“t-hat”, “tah” and sometimes “hat” ~ always done while tapping her head, so the meaning is obvious!
“be-be” ~ bean
“uck” ~ truck; for just about anything truck-like.
“no” ~now definitely meaning ‘no’ and not ‘snow’


“mehr” ~ more; still always done in conjunction with the sign for more.
“mi” ~ Milch; milk
“ball-ball” ~ ball, or may mean Fußball (Football/Soccer)
“baum~ tree

There are quite likely some words that are not yet fully formed, ones that I haven’t yet picked up on, or ones that I have simply missed, and as soon as I post this she will have something new to say.

Although she has just a handful of words, she is quite communicative and always seems to get her point across. Even if she has to resort to actually taking our hands and showing us directly what she wants. She understands almost everything we say to her, in both English and German and we are having such fun hearing the two languages come out of her.

Edited to add (May 25th, 2011) ~ About a week after writing this post she exploded with words, and probably managed to double her vocabulary in just a few days…

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