The Trip: Canada to London Heathrow and then a train to North Yorkshire
Trip Duration: 1 Week
The Travellers: Mama, Papa and Mausi to London, then Papa on to South Africa for business and Mausi and Mama up north to visit family.
The Challenge: Packing everything for Mum and Mausi in one rolling carry-on sized suitcase and one additional carry-on bag.

Can it be done? I have no doubt that it can, but I know that my packing style may require some slight alterations to accomplish the task! For the last couple of trips that Mausi’s papa and I took just our backpacks, and generally I packed shortly before we left by throwing in some clothes with very little rhyme or reason. This time packing is going to take some forethought.

The Carry-on

Our flight out is at 11:30 at night, so I am hoping that Mausi will spend the majority of the flight sleeping.  Carry-on goodies won’t be quite as important for this leg…however, I don’t want to bank on sleep, and we do have a 2.5 hour train journey following the flight. So here is what I see our carry-on containing…

  • Passports, boarding passes, mama’s wallet
  • For Mama
    • Toiletries ~ toothbrush, comb, hand cream
    • Book
    • Scarf / pashmina
    • Glasses & sunglasses
    • Small notebook  & pen
    • Camera
  • For Mausi
    • Change of clothes ~ shirt, pants, socks
    • Padraig slippers
    • Cloth wipes and small wet bag  ~ to clean sticky fingers and a sleepy face
    • 2-3 boardbooks
    • Homemade playdough ~ We’ll give it a go…if they really want to take playdough from an 18 month old, I suppose they will.
    • Playsilk
    • 3 wooden animals
    • Toy car
    • Toddler-friendly travel snacks
    • Mausi’s water bottle
    • Diapers ~ We hummed and hawed about diapers…we cloth diaper day to day, and are very happy doing so. But have after much thought decided to go with an “eco-disposable” for this trip. We made this choice for several different reasons, not least of which was that cloth diapers would take up a considerable amount of our precious space.

This list is by no means set in stone, and may very well still change in the next few days. If any of you have flown with a toddler, and have useful advice about things to have on hand, or what worked for you, please leave a comment or drop me a line!

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One Response to Packing Lightly with a Toddler for an Overseas Flight ~ Part 1

  1. Liavek says:

    Hello, a couple of thoughts … just be sure that the toddler-friendly snacks do not contain any liquids in any form, and I would advise against anything gelatin-based as well. No telling what they might confiscate, security is usually tight, and they may be especially nervous given the weekend’s events.
    And the water bottle should be empty before you go through security, you can fill it with bottled water after you go through.

    Good luck!

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