When I first set about planning what to pack for our recent flight overseas I had in mind all of the wonderful things I would bring for Mausi.  I would make play dough I told myself; I would take her wooden animal figures, and new books she hadn’t yet seen…

What we ended up taking, and what ultimately worked for us, was a little different.

So, without further ado, here are Mausi’s top 5 toys for the aeroplane:

1.  Playmobil 123 Aeroplane

Playmobil is something I fondly remember from my own childhood..although they didn’t have the 123 version then. Playmobil 123 is designed specifically for younger children. There are fewer moving parts, and in the figures and vehicles are larger so that there is no choking risk. Playmobil is also still completely manufactured in Europe under very strict safety regulations, so I feel comfortable knowing that there is nothing to worry about when Mausi plays with her yellow aeroplane.

The propeller spins, and there are 2 wheels underneath so that the aeroplane can be “driven” on the ground as well. The little man has legs that bend at the hips and he is able to sit in the plane, or stand beside it.  Mausi spent far longer than mama would have liked playing the game of “take the man out, straighten his legs, try and put him back in, then hand him to mama and say “sit”…mama puts him back in, and repeat”.

2.  Playsilk

Mausi’s lovely green playsilk that had been part of her Easter basket made the trip to England with us. The perfect thing for playing peek-a-boo, and wrapping up random things!

3.  Favourite book

I had originally planned to take a couple of new books for Mausi, but then decided that since the flight over was at night, I would have a couple of new German books sent to my family in the UK, and we would have them for the flight home during the day.  Which is exactly what I did, but I also tucked in her favourite book at the moment. Turns out I may have gotten a little ahead of myself with the ordering, and the fabulous kid’s ‘airport’ book was just not that interesting to an 18 month old. Infact all she really wanted to read was the standby word book we had brought. Perhaps at 18 months a ‘new’ book isn’t necessarily the best option…

4.  Stickers

I had intended at first to get her a reusable sticker book. Something with pages that would allow stickers to be placed, removed, and replaced elsewhere. Then I came to my senses.  She’s 18.5 months, she doesn’t care if the stickers can be reused…she doesn’t even care what the stickers are of…so long as she can stick them on just about everything around her she is happy! We ended up picking up some Winnie the Pooh stickers in a shop in London.  A sheet full of tiny square stickers of Pooh and his friends, and they most certainly did end up everywhere!

5.  Stuffed animal

Mausi has some stuffed animals, and she likes them well enough, but she doesn’t yet carry them around with her wherever she goes. I wouldn’t ordinarily have added a stuffed toy to this list, except that while in London the day before we left I picked up a stuffed sheep for her. The promptly named him ‘Baa’ and was quite enamoured with him the entire trip home (subsequently he has entered the ranks of the others and is now occasionally picked up and carried).

Did your toddler have a specific toy that was a big hit while travelling?

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