Clockwise from top left: Summer gnomes from Painting Pixie, wooden snail from prettydreamer, bud vase from Starry Road Studio, and a wood & felt summer tree from MamaKopp.

A seasonal nature table is a wonderful thing to have in the home. The process of changing the items on the table helps children visualize the changing seasons and the cyclical nature of the year. Nature tables can be just what you want them to be…simple or elaborate, changed frequently or just a few times a year. Some families choose to incorporate special holidays as well, while other choose only to have the seasons displayed.

As I was thinking about all the things that would be great on a summer table it came to me that one could have themes within ‘summer’ as well, depending on where one lived, or what was impotant to the family. What about a garden table for families that spend a lot of time growing flowers and vegeables? Or a woodland/wildland table? Or maybe seaside table for those close to, visiting, or just loving the sea.

Here are just some of the things that could be placed on a nature table…

Found objects for the nature table

  • beach glass, beach stones, drift wood
  • shells
  • wildflowers (pressed or fresh)
  • insect cases/moltings
  • interesting rocks
  • moss
  • twigs

Crafted objects for the nature table

  • bud vase ~ perfect for placing a few small wildflowers, bird feathers, or twigs on the nature table
  • summer peg doll
  • summer insects ~ made of felted wool, wood, or other materials
  • wooden summer tree
  • felted wool tapestry of summer sun, grass, flowers etc.
  • wooden picture or card holder ~ perfect for displaying a hand painted summer picture or a special summer postcard/photograph
  • “summer” book ~ perhaps you read a special summer book when setting up your nature table, and then give the book a special spot on the table
  • playsilk ~ the ever versatile playsilk makes a wonderful canvas on which to set up the nature table
  • wooden animals

The wonderful thing about nature tables is they can be just what you want them to be. There are no hard and fast rules governing them. So have fun, go explore, get creative, and make somthing the whole family can enjoy!

‘Good Earth’ playsilk from Beneath the Rowan Tree

Photos used with permission from the wonderful artisans at Painting Pixie, prettydreamer, Starry Road Studio, MamaKopp and Beneath the Rowan Tree.

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