She doesn’t really need a hair-clip yet; her hair isn’t yet in her eyes. But when I came across these clips I thought it might be fun to pick up a couple for her, and I must say, I love them! I found them on etsy (now there’s a surprise…) at a nifty little hair-clip shop called May Crimson.

As sheep seem to be such a big hit at our house at the moment, how could I resist this little clip? Each clip is made of 100% wool felt that is carefully hand-cut and stitched together over a snap clip without a drop of glue. 100% wool felt and it’s a sheep…without a doubt the perfect hair-clip for Mausi.

I also bought these 2 sweet little rabbit clips. May Crimson is in the UK, and I was really surprised at how quickly Mausi’s clips arrived, especially considering I had requested other background colours than were in the listing.

Completely original, and just Mausi’s style…I think I’ll need to add one or two more to Mausi’s collection.

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