I’m a big fan of wool diaper covers.

Although Mausi’s long wool pants are now all packed away, she still has a number of soakers in rotation as well as another pair on my knitting needles just now. But wool soakers in the summer? Well, why not? Wool breathes, and if Mausi can’t run around without any diapers on, I’d rather have her in wool covers knowing that there is at least some moisture and air transfer. And after all, wool soakers make awfully cute shorts!

Not to say that Mausi doesn’t have other diaper covers she wears in summer, just that her wool covers are still active.

One of my favourite patterns (the soaker in the photo above and the one I’m using for the pair on my needles) is Vanilla by Kelly Brooker.

Happy Summer Knitting!

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One Response to Wool soakers in summer? Absolutely!

  1. Becca says:

    So cute! We have a pair of wool shorts my little guy still wears. I need to learn to knit them!

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