First she was carried in a stretchy wrap, then a woven wrap and ring sling, and then the Ergo was added to the mix…so it really isn’t all that surprising that now, at 21 months, she also wants to have a something on her back. It’s a good place to ride after all!

Using her 35″ blue playsilk (which has recently doubled as a cape as well) we were able to tie her little soft doll to her back quite nicely, and Mausi happily went about her business with “Blue Baby” safely tucked up on her back.

I think that perhaps it is almost time for a child sized ring sling, or perhaps a mini mei tai…

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  1. Becca says:

    Oh, how sweet! When my sister in law was having her 2nd I sent her a handmade ring sling with matching sling for my then 4 year old niece. They really loved them. Too fun!


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