“In einem unbekannten Land, vor garnicht all zu langer Zeit, war eine Biene sehr bekannt…”

“Und diese Biene, die ich meine nennt sich Maja, kleine, freche, schlaue Biene Maja…”

We borrowed a German children’s book from a friend at our CSA pick-up this past week (thanks again K and little Biene M). What a surprise it was to see ‘Biene Maja’ again, albeit a little changed since I last saw her 26 years ago!

This is the Biene Maja that I remember…

Based on a German book published in 1912, the popular Japanese anime adaptation of the story aired in Japan in the mid-seventies, in Germany in the eighties and evidently in the US in the early nineties. It is one of those shows from my childhood eternally etched in my memory. I started singing the theme tune on my way home and was surprised by how quickly I remembered it. The tune (which may now be stuck in my head for the next week…) was actually composed by Czech composer, Karel Svoboda, and sung by Czech performer, Karel Gott.

She’s a little updated now, but likely still the same bee, and if this site is anything to go by, she’s still just as popular in Germany today as she was in the early eighties.

Ah Biene Maja, it is good to see you again.

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