We seem to be stuck between two puzzles at the moment. Simple peg puzzles just don’t seem to cut it anymore, yet more complex puzzles are still just a smidge out of Mausi’s reach.

After watching Mausi fly through her two peg puzzles again in the middle of last week, I suddenly remembered a puzzle that her Auntie K & D had given her for Christmas last year. We had put it away as she wasn’t quite ready for it then, but last week it seemed just the thing. The puzzle is from small Canadian puzzle-maker Sleepy Hollow Creations, and K had found the puzzle at the Christmas One of a Kind Show.

This little elephant puzzle appears to be the perfect puzzle to help transition from simple peg puzzles to ones more complex. Although, she does seem to have mastered it already as she happily cries “dump” while tipping out the pieces and then promptly putting them all back in again.

I see some more puzzle-hunting in my future…

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