With hot summer sun streaming through the windows it is hard to even imagine cooler temperatures again…knitting a wool bonnet in July seems like the last thing I should be doing!

It’s not really something that I am focusing on, but from day to day if I have a free moment, or am waiting for an analysis to run on the computer, I pick up this bundle of brightly coloured yarn and the hat that is slowly coming off the needles, and knit a few rows. It’s going to be a Pixie Hat like the one I made for Mausi in February. This one, however, is going to head across the Atlantic to Mausi’s little Cousin S.

The yarn is Shibui Knits Staccato is shades of pink, pale yellow and spring green, and I am really enjoying the way that it is knitting. The colours are coming together beautifully. So, this is what I have on my needles just now (this and another Vanilla soaker), what have you got on yours?

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