Summer is now in full swing and trees form an integral part of a child’s day outdoors…they provide shade, are to be climbed, provide homes for backyard gnomes, fairies and elves, house bird nests and maybe even a family of raccoons and their branches are made to be swung from. Wooden toy treehouses are the perfect accompaniment to a summer of trees. Perfect for rainy days indoors, or quiet evenings before bed, toy treehouses can be gnome homes, fairy shelters, elf castles, or the living spaces of adventurous families…the possibilities are as endless as a child’s imagination!

Here are 3 of my favourite handmade toy treehouses:

Treehouse of 100% reclaimed Ash and Walnut by the Original Tree Swing.

Tree fort of poplar and cherry by Manzanita Kids.

Treehouse with animals handmade by David Palhegyi.

And just to get your imaginations going, Blue Forest, based in the UK, builds some of the most magical treehouses I have ever come across!

Photos used with permission from Bill at The Original Tree Swing, David at Manzanita Kids, David Palhegyi and Simon at Blue Forest.

July 6th ~ Post edited to add photographs I didn’t yet have permission to put on my blog at the time of original posting.

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  1. Heather says:

    Love your third selection. Saw one by Plan Toys a couple years ago and thought it adorable.
    The ones by Blue Foest are simply magical!

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