Mausi with her first bonnet (size small fit from 7 months to about 19 months)

The simple little summer bonnet from Urban Baby Bonnets is hands-down one of our most loved items of clothing! Mausi got her first bonnet last summer when she was about 7 months old and wore it almost everyday, well into the fall (we discovered that a thin wool hood fits perfectly beneath it for sunny but cool fall days). I was very pleased to learn that the bonnet still fit at the start of the summer, and Mausi spent the first few weeks of spring and summer sunshine wearing her bonnet.

Although still worn daily, the bonnet was definitely getting a little small, and so, by midsummer it was time for a new one!

We were absolutely thrilled when Colette of Urban Baby Bonnets sent us this next bonnet for review! So without further ado:

What were we looking for in a hat?

We wanted a hat the was versatile enough to wear everyday, shielded Mausi’s face and ears from the sun, stayed on her head well, was easy and quick to get on and off, and worked well in baby carriers (wasn’t prone to being knocked off and couldn’t easily slide around).

What makes an Urban Baby Bonnet so great?

  • Large brim ~ brilliantly shades the entire face, and can easily be folded back when not needed.

  • Close-fitting design ~ keeps the bonnet securely in place, and delicate ears covered and safe from the sun.
  • Multiple snap closure ~ is less fussy than ties, and not as scratchy as velcro has the tendency to be. Multiple snap settings allow for growing room.
  • Reversible ~ it’s like having two hats in one! Quite often Urban Baby Bonnets will have a single colour pattern on one side, with a brighter, busier print on the other side, making these bonnets incredibly versatile with respect to matching outfits. Our bonnet has pink, brown and green houses on one side paired with simple green dots on the other.
  • Convenient for nursing ~ The perfect hat for nursing while out and about!

Mausi with her second bonnet (size medium fitting her very well at 21 months)

Why choose and Urban Baby Bonnet over a bucket hat?

Bucket hats certainly have their place, and now that Mausi is getting a little bigger, she has a bucket hat in her rotation as well. But for all around versatility the Urban Baby Bonnet is still the winner…not least of all in the babywearing department! I can’t think of a better hat for a babe being worn. The close-fitting smooth back keeps the bonnet from being knocked off by mum or dad’s arm, and ensures that the bonnet stays in place even when worn under the sleep hood of a carrier. With this bonnet you can happily have your babe on your back and never need question whether or not she’s still wearing her hat. Here‘s a picture of Mausi in her first bonnet and the Ergo.

A little about Urban Baby Bonnets ~

Urban Baby Bonnets was started by artist and mum Colette Palamar after the birth of her daughter in 2007. Looking for the perfect sunhat for her little girl, Colette eventually turned to her sewing machine and created the first bonnet of what would become Urban Baby Bonnets. As an artist Colette wondered how making bonnets fit in with her artistic passions and her education…then it dawned on her that each brightly coloured bonnet was in itself a little work of art. With her bonnets now scattered across the globe Colette calls the Urban Baby Bonnet project a “worldwide art installation”.

Proudly made in the USA, Urban Baby Bonnets are sewn by Colette and a small team of talented women. Each of the bonnets available in her etsy shop is sewn by Colette herself, while the wholesale bonnets and those available through the Urban Baby Bonnets website are sewn the by the team. The bonnets are all  made of 100% cotton, and Colette fully stands behind her bonnets in workmanship! There are 5 sizes to choose from, with each size having an age guideline and head measurement, but if you aren’t sure you can send Colette your child’s head measurement and she will pick the size for you. She found the perfect size for our Mausi!

I really can’t recommend this bonnet highly enough.  It is not only one of the most functional sunhats we have come across, but it looks pretty funky too!

Go and check them out on etsy and on the Urban Baby Bonnets website!

Thanks very much to Colette of Urban Baby Bonnets for providing us the pink, brown and green bonnet for review! 

* A note about this review ~ I have not set out for Little Wool Maus to become a review blog, but I so whole-heartedly stand behind this particular bonnet for its functionality, uniqueness and quality that when given the opportunity to review it, I was pleased to do so! Reviews such as this are ones that you will find here.

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  1. Becca says:

    Super adorable! If I only had a girl…


  2. Tanja says:

    I love baby bonnets, these are so sweet!

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