The days are getting just a little shorter, the nights are cooler, apples are hanging low on trees, and the slow ripe smell of autumn is creeping into the woods…

Happily we are still a little way from frozen streams and blowing snow, and with its sometimes warm sunny days and crisp cool evenings and nights, autumn provides the perfect weather for woodland hikes and exploration. Moss and mushrooms are there to be looked at under a magnifying glass, rocks and pinecones to be collected and plants to be identified; there are all sorts of fun things to do on a woodland walk! But what to pack? Apart from water, snacks and appropriate clothing of course…

  • comfortable carrier – for mama or papa to help out when little legs get tired
  • magnifying glass – best for curious toddlers and older children
  • collection satchel or bag  – great for all ages
  • collection tins and bags – can be repurposed tins and bags, or stainless steel containers made specifically for nature study
  • nature cards/books – help older children start to identify the plant and wildlife found along the hike
  • notebook & pencil – great for older children (for mama and papa too!) to make sketches, or take notes of things they see along the way
  • walking stick – just for fun
  • binoculars – although great to take on hikes, binoculars are better suited to older children as younger ones can find it quite tricky to get an object into the field of view and focus on it

And what better way to preserve some of those beautiful autumn leaves than with a wooden plant press?

Plant press from

Everyday is an adventure for Mausi as she nears her second birthday, and I look forward to some wonderful autumn walks with her, the dogs, and papa this year. It’s restorative for this mama’s soul, and I just love seeing the interest in her face as she inspects snail shells, pebbles and pinecones we find along the way.

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