September already? The summer seems to have flown by…

We’ve had a good summer here, and so as the weather slowly creeps towards autumn I look forward to the crisp mornings, warm sunny days, and cool nights that come this month and next. And let’s not forget the apples, pears and pumpkins that will be at the market! It is without doubt the season I hold most dear. We were married in the fall, little Mausi was born in the fall, and there is something simply magical about walking the dogs in the autumn woods.

As Mausi ate her breakfast this morning, and the first thick fog of autumn rolled past the window, I had a moment to browse through some pages I enjoy visiting and discovered that the autumn edition of Rhythm of the Home is now up. Many of you have visited there before, I am sure, but if you have never been go and check it out. Seasonal crafts to make, recipe to try and ideas to file away…always something interesting!

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