My little Mausi is still a contented nightime nursling, but this mama is finished with it.

After a fortunate chance meeting with a friend and local la leche league leader while out for a late evening stroll a few days ago, I think that we have our night-weaning plan in place…I’m ready, Papa will be ready (as soon as I fill him in on the details) and if we’re careful, Mausi will be night-weaned before she knows what’s going on (or so the hope is).

The timeline is fluid, but I was thinking that maybe by her second birthday at the start of November would be a good date.

The plan “A”  is as follows:

Nursing is now only going to occur when it is “light” ~ ultimately that will mean before bed, but then not again until it is light in the morning. To implement that however, we will set up a little lamp at my bedside, and for the first few nights everytime Mausi wants to nurse, I will let her, but the light will go on. After while the light might not go on for a nursing, and then the “we only nurse when it is light” line will come out. In theory I should be able to then make it more infrequent that the light comes on, and so phase out the night nursings. My nurse-free time-zone (as I’ve decided) is from 10pm to 6am. And in fact she sleeps quite well until 1/1:30 am when she wants her first night nurse. It is this one that we will work on first.

This is what we are starting with, and we will evaluate progress by the end of the month. I have some other ideas, and have friends with wonderful ones as well, so I have no doubt that there can be a plan “B”, “C”, “D”, or whatever is needed to make this work.

We will tackle the night nursing, then we will tackle the bed move! But one step at a time! (On a side note, we are still working on the bedtime routine…I think that I had better rework it to a “Fall Plan”.)

Have other great ideas to wean a nighttime nursling? Drop me a line, I am definitely open to some more ideas!


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