Inspired by a recent post I read on 10 simply good things, I thought Thanksgiving week-end would be the perfect time to make my own list of 10 little things that make me smile. I am thankful for so many things,  chief among them Mausi’s papa, who is as wonderful a husband & friend as he is a father, and my family and friends, who love and support us through our adventures and growth as a family. But this isn’t a list about the predictable things that I am thankful for…this is a list of 10 simple, little things that are good,make me smile, and remind me that the little things in the here and now and are just as important as the big things on my plate.

  • Mausi’s “ducky boots”
  • crisp mornings and cool evenings
  • breaking out the cold-weather woollens
  • knitting some new woollens
  • a pie pumpkin on the counter just waiting to be turned into pie
  • the making of lists for some pretty exciting things (but more on those things later…)
  • meeting a rafter of unconcerned wild turkeys crossing the road on a morning last week
  • the bright red and orange leaves interspersed with those still green on the trees in our neighbourhood
  • fresh, crunchy apples
  • the scent of autumn in the air

These are my 10, although it could easily have been 20 or more. 10 good things that make me smile. 10 little things for which I am thankful in one way or another (I am not actually terribly attached to the “ducky boots”, but the way in which Mausi adores her boots does indeed make me smile!). 10 simple things that remind me that now is autumn, and I do love autumn.

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