Located just outside of Montreal, Quebec, Becky and Lisa of Organic Quilt Company create wonderful baby items from carefully selected organic fabrics. Their lineup includes far more than just quilts; hats, bibs, blankets, washcloths, burpcloths and sleep sacks tumble out of their studio in bright, colourful fabrics. Snuggly organic cotton is a terrific way to keep tiny tots warm and comfy, and this coupled with such beautiful work by the Organic Quilt Company, makes for wonderful baby gifts, or a special something for your own new little one!

To get to know the hands behind the Organic Quilt Company a little better, I asked Becky a few questions…

Little Wool Maus: How did you get started making such beautiful baby things?

Becky: While I’ve been quilting for fifteen years, a few years ago, I became more aware of the impact the cotton and textile industries have on the environment. I began to feel less enamoured with conventional cottons and went in search of alternatives that would not compromise my environmental principles. Organic Quilt Company was the result of that search.
I was inspired by all the gorgeous organic fabrics I found to create soft, cozy, and beautiful items that people could wrap around their babies with confidence. When my babies were born, they loved being wrapped in cozy quilts and snugly blankets too. So when I am making blankets and quilts for other people’s babies, I always think back to how lovely it was to hold my own little, warm bundles wrapped in their soft, cozy blankets!

Little Wool Maus: What inspires you most in your creative process?

Becky: Fabric and colour are the main sources of my inspiration. I am addicted to fabric and all of its tactile glory. I am so lucky to have such beautiful fabrics to be inspired by.

Little Wool Maus: What’s next for the Organic Quilt Company?

Becky: Much like my children, the business has been growing steadily. Unfortunately there has been no corresponding growth in hours of the day, so I needed some help with the business and this year my friend Lisa became a partner. We have ideas for several new baby items and some home décor items too—all we need is a little more time…

Little Wool Maus: What is your favourite part of Autumn?

Becky: We live in southern Quebec, which is a spectacular place for fall foliage. Taking a walk on one of the local trails with my husband, three children, and dog while admiring the amazing display of the leaves is rather heavenly.

That really does sound heavenly!

See what’s new at the Organic Quilt Company blog!

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