We’re planning to get Mausi a special doll for Christmas. A “baby” of her own to play with, and one for her to have when her sibling arrives. I’ve ordered one from a local toy-store, but I had to be particular and wanted one with brown eyes. We’ll see whether this one makes it from Germany in time for Christmas…otherwise I suppose the same doll with blue eyes (conveniently already in the country) would be just fine.

Thinking of Mausi’s new doll for a few minutes and my mind began to wander to all the other things that would be wonderful for toddler and childrens doll play. Many of them can be made by hand, from wood, fabric and wool. And for those not inclined to make them, there are a host of handmade options available.

  • wooden doll stroller – I’ve yet to find one quite like this in Canada, but for those in the States, this wooden doll stroller is available from Nova Natural.

Wooden doll stroller made by Elves & Angel’s in Maine.

  • doll carrier – This I think will be a gift to Mausi from mama and papa when the new little one arrives late winter/early spring. Something for Mausi to carry her baby around in while mama carries her new baby around in our much loved Sewfunky sling (unless Mausi puts up too much of a fuss about the new baby using her sling in which case it might also be time for a new sling for mama…). I’m not sure yet whether I will make a doll sling myself, or pick one up along the way. Sewfunky makes some awfully sweet doll slings, and there is a Babylonia BB-sling for dolls as well. Storchenwiege maes a very funky wrap for dolls, Ergo has it’s own doll version and the Moby wrap comes in a mini version for kids and their dolls. Definitely a lot of choices out there! And for something a little bit different, Meg McElwee’s book ‘Growing Up Sew Liberated‘ has a great looking doll papoose pattern!
  • wooden doll cradle and bedding – A simple wooden doll cradle is a great thing for little ones to have, and as with many handmade doll accessories, the options are endless!
  • doll clothes – There seem to be countless options for doll clothes as well. I’m planning to make some doll clothes myself, and ravelry has been a wonderful (yet time-consumingly dangerous) place to look…just have a peak at this sweet short-sleeved sweater, or this hoodie, or this pair of doll sized longies! Oh…I can’t wait to get started!

Doll swing jacket from Little Seedlings

  • cloth diapers for dolls – For a great tutorial to make doll diapers at home, check out this post.

Photos used with permission from Nova Natural and Little Seedlings.

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  1. Erin B says:

    Just wondering if you ever have found a wooden doll stroller in Canada. I’m on the hunt too.

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