Words are tumbling out of little Mausi’s mouth…but they do all seem to be English! And I must admit, at times I find myself sliding more and more into English as I speak to her. English is by far the more comfortable language for me to speak, and I am much more expressive in it. But I do try and bring myself back to German, especially when it is just the two of us reading a book together. Her understanding of German is really impressive, and surprises me at times as it is masked by the English she speaks.

I asked her the following the other evening as we were sitting on the couch with a book:

“Bist du kalt? Brauchst du eine Decke?” Are you cold? Do you need a blanket?

To which Mausi replied, without missing a beat:

“No blanket!”

It reinforced for me that it really isn’t all in vane, and that even the bit of German I give her seems to stick.

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  1. Henry says:

    I believe the first steps for multi-language comprehension is repetitive use. Children will pick up any language quickly and easily if it is consistently spoken. Reading and writing it will easily follow once they learn and understand the alphabet, whether that is learned in English, German, French or what ever. Kids are little sponges and they quickly absorb everything that fills their surroundings. Keep up the great great work you are doing with your little “Maus”

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