Puddlegear is a mama owned company on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast importing European rain gear made by Abeko. Puddlgear brings to North America the Öko-Tex certified, Swedish-made, PVC-free rain gear loved by environmentally conscious parents and their kids. A favourite of Waldorf and outdoor education schools, we were excited to check out just what it is that makes Puddlegear rain gear so great.

What were we looking for in rain gear?

We needed rain gear that would encompass the following criteria:

  • would stand up to the demands of an active toddler
  • was light and comfortable to wear
  • had enough room underneath to layer fleece or wool sweaters for warmth without being awkward
  • was easy to get on and off
  • had good hood with sufficient coverage and would allow a hat underneath
  • was PVC- and Phthalate-free

How Puddlegear’s Abeko rain gear covered what we needed:

So far we have been really very pleased with the Puddlegear rain gear Mausi has been testing out! She has been putting the Benny jacket and Olle pants through their paces, and both have been performing well.

Puddlegear sizing goes by height rather than age of the child, and so for our petite Mausi, although she is now 2, we received the size 80 bib-pants and jacket and they fit her well with plenty of room to layer and grow.

Olle Pants

The Olle pants are generously cut to allow for warmer layers on underneath, and underarm snaps reduce gaping without sacrificing the layering room elsewhere. Large re-inforced knee and bum patches provide extra durability and the bottoms of the pants are both elasticized and have elastic stirrups to ensure that they don’t ride up and lead to wet legs and feet. The shoulder straps are made from thick elastic and an easy to use clip attaches the straps to the chest. A reflective stripe encircles the bottom of the right leg, increasing visibility under dark rainclouds.

Benny jacket

Snap closure, fleece lined collar, elasticized cuffs and hem and reflective arm band all contribute to making the Benny jacket a great all-around rain jacket! The generous hood allows for fleece and wool hats to fit comfortably underneath and can also be snapped off when not immediately needed.

The same construction is used for both the Benny jacket and the Olle pants and includes Atec material, and watertight heat-sealed seams. Atec is a light, water and wind-proof, polyurethane coated stretch fabric that moves with your child and resists tears. The material is not at all stiff, but rather soft and seems to move effortlessly regardless of what my active little toddler is doing.

All of the Abeko rain gear carried by Puddlegear is certified by Öko-Tex standard 100 to be free from hazardous chemicals.

Both jacket and pants folded into neat little bundles and so were exceedingly easy to pack into bags when on the go – perfect for slightly unpredictable autumn weather.

We were also sent a wonderful pair of fleece-lined waterproof mitts for review. The gauntlet style and elastic cuff ensure that the mitt stays well up the arm under the coat, and an elastic with snap closure at the wrist ensure the mitt stays snugly where it belongs on busy little hands. Perfect for cold, wet, late autumn days or those early spring days when the snow has given way to cold wet rain.

Our verdict?

Asking a 2 year old her opinions on raingear or what she likes about the fit and material, really isn’t all that productive. However, when she gets excited to put the gear on and proudly talks about her red rain jacket and rain pants, it’s good enough for this mama! Hold the snow for a little while yet, and let it rain, we have some puddles to stomp in!

The Benny Jacket, Olle Pants and waterproof mitts were generously sent to us by Puddlegear for review. Thanks Alex! The rain gear was tested in the wet, cool weather of a southern Ontario October and early November, and all opinions are those of Little Wool Maus.
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