We are in midst of toilet-learning (potty-learning) here, and with this monumental step from cloth diapers to cotton underpants come a few pairs of carefully chosen cloth training pants as well. I wanted to find a pair of thicker cotton training pants without a waterproof barrier to use for those times when a little more than just unders is needed, but Mausi doesn’t quite need fully waterproof ones.

After some searching I came across Little Beetle Learners. Made from organic cotton velour with 100% natural fibres against Mausi’s skin…perfect.

What mama was looking for in a cloth trainer for Mausi ::

  • natural fibres
  • more absorbency in the “wet zone” but no waterproof layer
  • easy for Mausi to put by herself
  • ideally with snaps to make taking them off with more solid accidents much easier
  • able to protect clothing from the start of a pee
  • trim under clothing

Little Beetle Learner :: front

How the Little Beetle Learners faired in the Maus-test ::

Little Beetle Learners have the natural fibre angle not only completely covered, but they take it one step further with organic cotton velour in a selection of six bright colours. The trainers are comprised of two layers of the organic cotton** velour throughout, with a third layer in the “wet zone” for added absorbency. If Mausi catches herself at the start of a pee, these learners protect pants quite well. As there is no waterproof barrier however, a full pee will leak through and wet pants will ensue. Not entirely a bad thing, as wet pants do help to reinforce the notion that peeing in the toilet or potty is a much better option!

Mausi has no problem putting them on by herself, and the beetle tag on the front helps her figure out which way round they are supposed to be.

Snaps! Oh yes. Mausi hardly has wet pants now, but “number twos”…well, they are a work in progress, and so these snaps are wonderful things! With four solid snaps on either side, taking these learners off is not a problem.

Next to our cloth diapers just about anything is trim under clothing. These learners fit well under Mausi’s pants and leggings, and she’s now able to wear pants a little longer since she doesn’t have the big diaper bum anymore.

** A note about the organic cotton2 of the colours available, Jitterbug Red and Lotus Purple are made with 80% organic cotton with 20% post-consumer recycled polyester added to the backing for stability. The interior is still 100% organic cotton. You can read about there decision to do this here.

Little Beetle Learner :: open

 Little Beetle Sizing ::

The Little Beetle Learner comes in 3 sizes and the recommended weight/age for each of the sizes is:

  • Small (1-2 years, up to 24 pounds)
  • Medium (2/3 years, 24-35+ pounds)
  • Large (3+ years, 33+ pounds)

Mausi appears to be right in between size small and medium, as she is now 2, but not quite 24 lbs. I opted for the medium and am pleased. The medium is not very snug as yet, but Mausi is at the lowest part of the range for this size, perhaps it is also due in part to the 20% polyester in the red learner. This learner shrunk a bit with the first wash, but I suspect that 100% organic cotton would shrink a tad more.

After several washes, the measurements on this red learner are:

  • unstretched waist: 16″
  • rise: 16.5″
  • thigh: 12″

Overall ::

I am very pleased with the Little Beetle Learner, what a great training pant! Mausi seems to like wearing it as well. As we transition more and more into “proper unders” during the day, and her nightime pees are fewer, I look forward to testing out the LB Learner for night use, with a wool cover on top.

Little Beetle Learner :: back

 The Little Beetle Learner was kindly provided by Better for Babies for review (Thanks so much!), and it goes without saying that all opinions within this review are my own!

February 25th – Sadly due to difficulties in sourcing appropriate organic fabrics Little Beetle has since closed its doors and is no longer producing diapers or trainers.

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