Fairly major home renovations shortly before Christmas at 6½ months pregnant, with a 2-year old and thesis chapters to write are just…tiring. I had big plans for this Christmas; the first one in our new house, lights above the door, candles in the windows, our tree in the front room, perhaps a duck in the oven. I had a list a mile long of things I was going to make this year; presents to knit, gift wrap to sew, a proper tree skirt perhaps? But this past week-end as my sewing machine was packed up to move over and the half-finished pile of fabric gift wrap lay at the side, my lists and plans required more than just a bit of shortening and reworking.

I needed a moment to step back and let go. Because ultimately what is important here? I have a wonderful family and we are working together to make this little house our home. Does it matter that there are no lights outside, that renovations are taking longer than planned, that my Christmas cards will all be late this year and that I didn’t finish the gift wrap I had envisioned? Not really, not really at all.

So, having regrouped and tossed aside the things that aren’t really all that essential just at this moment in time, I find myself here, 3 days before the slow return of light and 6 days before Christmas, making an entirely new list. A shorter one, with all the important things and none of fluff (or very little anyway). Top on the list? Call the plumber! Followed closely by take Mausi for a nice long walk as her home daycare is closed today due to a sick little one.

By the end of this week we will have a working shower and a working toilet, a laundry sink with hot water in the basement, a slow cooker, an electric frying pan and a whole lot of love in a little house. We will be in by Christmas, and we won’t forget this one, I am sure!

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  1. Snickelfritz says:

    Hello Mausi – Please tell your mama that, with all the stuff on her plate, she seems to have arrived at exactly the right frame of mind…..
    Letting go can be oh so difficult and, when achieved, oh so cathartic!

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