‘Sea Dragon’ by Amber Alexander

Happy Chinese New Year! 2012 welcomes the Year of the Dragon, and this year specifically is the year of of the water dragon.

The year of the dragon comes once every 12 years, and on top of that the dragons cycle through 5 elements; metal, water, wood fire and earth. This year we will welcome a little water dragon into our family, and it just so happens that papa is a fire dragon.

Yesterday was New Year’s eve and Mausi’s Uncle J. had given her two little red envelopes earlier in the day, one filled with goldfish crackers…which Mausi of course took for normal so when Mausi’s grandma gave her another envelope after a delicious family hot pot dinner she looked up at her and said “Goldfish in there?”. Much to the puzzlement of her grandma!

With so many very different family traditions blending in our little family, we take from them what works for us. Chinese New Year can be quite the affair, and can last for 15 days…but for us it means a nod at family roots and a wonderful dinner with Mausi’s papa’s family.

Image of the Sea Dragon used with permission from Amber Alexander.

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  1. Heather Salerno says:

    Happy new Year!

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