I had seen these buckets turn up on various blogs and I had bookmarked them in my mind as useful things to have for Mausi’s toys, winter mitts, knitting projects, dog toys and the like. Driving past a favourite fabric shop the other day I made a quick stop to see what was new. I can’t quite settle on fabric on a normal day, but coupled with pregnancy indecisiveness and too many projects vying for attention at once, and I flitted through the fabric shop from one bolt to another as a hummingbird would from flower to flower. I started out with quite different fabric in hand, and how on earth I ended up with black and white japanese styled cats and red fabric is beyond me.

I do quite like how the two fabrics work together however, and the dash of red looks quite nice against the sprinkling of snow in the garden. Not that I suppose the bucket will spend much time outdoors…

Maya’s pattern was easy to follow, and the bucket came together quite quickly. The bucket is not quite as stiff as it could be, as I used only two quilting weight cottons and cotton batting between. However, as a bucket to keep wooden blocks together, this one seems to works just fine! Mausi does insist on calling it a ‘bag’ though…perhaps the next one ought to be more rigid.

I suspect that there will be more buckets to come!

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  1. Erin says:

    This is on my list as a ‘first project’ once I get my sewing machine. I may be calling on you for help if I get stuck!
    Any sewing machine recommendations (and locations to shop)? Something inexpensive but that will do fabrics for clothing (and wool!).

  2. Heather Salerno says:

    Intended or not, I love the kitty fabric and also how the red complements it. Looks great!

  3. Fay says:

    Hi, I was wondering how the Janome PRL 25 works on jersey knits, corduroy and organza please? Also is it a quiet machine and would you recommend it for beginners who like stretchy and thick fabrics? Thanks ­čÖé

    • Belinda says:

      I have had no problems with my PRL 25 on knit fabrics, but I do use a walking foot for fabrics that stretch. Corduroy was no problem as well, but I have not sewn with organza. As for quiet, it is hard for me to judge as I have not had another machine. I don’tfind it particularly noisy, and it certainly doesn’t bother me at all. I’d certainly recommend it to a beginner to sew knits and thicker fabrics such as denim. But if you will be sewing a lot of heavier fabrics you may want to talk to someone at a shop that carries Janome machines and get their opinion. Hope this helps!

  4. Fay says:

    Hi, thank you so much, I have another question, does prl 25 have that lightning bolt stitch? what is the name of it and the other stretch stitches please? Thank you so much, im thinking of pointelle cotton or mostly other 4-way stretch fabric to use and im trying to decide between this machine and the Brother cs6000i. im not located to sewing machine store so I am enjoying looking online to research about the stitches or what i need so i dont go overboard.

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