I’ve been dreaming of beans, peas, tomatoes and fresh herbs from the garden…it’s a wonderful dream to have in bleak mid-January! I’m planning our veggies for this coming spring and summer, and as it turns out, as thrilling as it is, it is also quite daunting!

To put them in pots, or plant a plot…?

Previously there was a herb garden against the back of the house, and I think that I will move this garden to pots on the back deck, and plant flowers against the house instead. As well, there are started plots waiting for veggies, and so the plan at the moment is to raise these a little and move them slightly away from where I think a fence may well go come fairer weather this year. But it’s all a little up in the air, as I’m not yet entirely sure which part of the garden will benefit the most from summer sun…

I’ve been diligently reading up on the subject of vegetable gardening, but I suspect that a lot can also be learnt from just “jumping in”.

I’ve really been enjoying these books (and have others in line) as I read up on what exactly my future garden will require:

I’ve also thoroughly been enjoying browsing through online seed catalogues featuring organic and heirloom varieties, and trying to decide just what exactly I want to grow in the garden this year!

Oh, such fun!

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