Long on my list of things to do has been to reacquaint myself with baking bread. I baked it when I was 17, when nothing seemed impossible or too complex, but somewhere along the line of intervening years “baking bread” began to seem like something that just required far too much time.

On a recent trip to the library I picked up the River Cottage Family Cookbook and it had a perfectly simple recipe for basic white bread. And you know what? It’s not that hard, doesn’t really take that much time, and really was an entirely satisfying experience! So my loaf looks a little wonky, it’s rustic I say!

Now, let’s try playing around with this…whole grain bread? Maye some raisin/apricot bread? Seeds on top? Cheese bread? Oh, this could be good…

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  1. Snickelfritz says:

    It almost looks good enough to eat……bake on!!!

  2. Yaacov says:

    When I was at teacher’s college I made bread with this no knead recipe and found it both easy and flexible:

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